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Sometimes we don’t thank our friends enough — for being there, for loving us, for being able to exist in the sidelines because of distance or schedules but come back into our lives with full force when the opportunity arrives. Our real friends, whose love and humor can lie dormant for stretches but doesn’t simply die, often go unappreciated. We owe them so much, and they are such a huge part of who we are, but we can often forget that as we construct our own lives. And we’ll surely make new friends as we grow — and are done stumbling into adulthood and everything that comes with it — but they won’t be a replacement, and we shouldn’t forget that. We owe it to ourselves to thank the people who have been there for us, and who remind us that we’ll always be worth more than just a handshake and an empty “we should grab a coffee soon.”
Text 23 Mar Library Etiquette

First off, there are designated “quiet” floors for a reason. I mean if you plan on making any sort of constant noise, the quiet floor is not for you! This seems like common sense, but I apparently it’s not. Let me just tell you about what is currently occurring on the quiet floor I am trying to study at.

Some chick sitting a few cubicles away from me is laughing and talking it up. She’s not ridiculously loud, but I can hear her and she’s just annoying. The funny thing is she isn’t talking to anyone else in the library. She is on the phone!! Dude what?!? Step into the staircase or something!

Let me tell you…she’s making the most annoying sounds ever as well. “Ohhhh…hmmm…hehe…mmmm…ahh” Come on now!! If you’re one of these people stop it!!! It’s annoying for the people who have to listen to your middle schoolesque conversations. It’s like when teenagers are on the phone late at night when they are supposed to be in bed sleeping and they are trying to keep quiet so their parents don’t hear them.

This is the second day in a row I’ve dealt with losers in the library. Yesterday these losers were a couple. Damn…I mean,look I’m all for being in love an like sneaking off to exciting places but have some discretion. If you’re going to get frisky go in an isle on a floor that isn’t packed with people cramming for tests.

Anyway, this couple was a few cubicles down from me (keep in min when I say cubicles I don’t mean enclosed ones but ones more like desks that you take tests in). So this couple is giggling and making out. Ughhh…hearing people swap spit while trying to finish a paper due in a hour is the worst!!

Okay look sorry for the rant, but get it together people. Have some respect for others and shut up on floors that are deemed “quiet.”

Text 7 Mar Midterms

I have become the biggest procrastinator ever. I have an int’l finance midterm today at 3:30 and I have just begun studying at 12:00. The old be would have been on this a week ahead of time. #senioritis. Anyway I’m leaving this Friday (in 2 days) and I’m crazy excited even though I still have two papers to write by tomorrow. Wtf? I’ll do them tonight I guess. Good thing there group papers or I’d be effed! Well okay back to work. Pointless blog.

Text 21 Feb Rihanna and chris brown

So Rihanna and chris brown have 2 new songs together.


That’s really all I’ve got for that.

Text 21 Feb Bridesmaid

So today I was asked to be a Bridesmaid. Wha?!? Yup, it’s true stuff. I immediately said yes without any hesitation because; (1) I love my friend, and (2) I felt like such a B/idiot the last time I was asked…oh oh and (3) I’m secretly hoping that my experience as a bridesmaid will in one way or another mimic that of the what went down on the movie Bridesmaids.

Anyway, to elaborate a little more on (2). Well, the last time I was asked to be a bridesmaid I was going into my senior year or junior year (wow, not sure, that’s horrible) of high school.
I get a phone call from my cousin one day and then she’s asks. First, I thought, “Woah, this is the first time I’ve ever talked to you on the phone.” (We live in different cities and we’re pretty far apart in age so it’s really not that weird…well maybe it is but whatever.) Then I thought—Me?! Really?!?…weird.

So when I finally processed what she ha asked me I responded with a hesitate, “uhhh.” She then countered with, “You don’t have to if you don’t want.” My response to this you ask? “Ummm….uhhh…okay.” What the hell, Jenn? Stupid! I always look back on that and regret how I responded. Here was my cousin, my blood, mi familia (too much?) asking me to be a part of one of the most important days of her life and she has to hear the most unenthusiastic yes she’s probably ever heard in her life. Ridiculous. I still feel like a complete d-bag when I think about it.

Well, no way was I ever gonna let that happen again. This time around I responded with an, “OMG!! YES!! Of course, I’m so honored you would even ask me!” Now if that doesn’t pump you up I need some pointers. Ah, yes, redemption! Love it. There actually are some mistakes you learn from! #growingupainttoohard

Text 11 Feb I’m so lazy!

So instead of taking the opportunity to study and do homework today, I decided to lay on my couch and watch hours of tv shows. I don’t understand why I do this. I know I have a test on Tuesday and homework due on Monday and yet I still seem to be perfectly fine blowing it off. I have got a BAD case of senioritis I guess. Tomorrow is the day I get my act together…hopefully.

Text 24 Jan Let Me Rant About My Day

Today for some reason, I woke up extremely happy.  Well, after I took a shower and realized that I was indeed awake was when I thought “Dango Jenn, today’s a good day.”  There was no particular reason I was happy.  In fact, Tuesdays and Thursday tend to days the days my “My Life Sucks Scale” is at its maximum level (I can thank two particular classes for this).  Anyway, I started my day off right—coffee, breakfast, and reading for class, which surprisingly didn’t suck. 

I left my apt at 11:00. The sun was shining, my car was warm, the drive to campus was chill, and when I got to campus I got a parking spot right away.  My first class was great…my group came up with an idea for what product we would do market research and the class was extremely interactive which I appreciate. 

I was feeling good after that first class! I even texted people telling them I was having a great day.  I pointed out how today something just turned around for me.  I had been feeling a little depressed since school started—the idea of school and my future weighed heavily on me —but today was different.  Everything was going well. 

So anyway, I went to the library after this class and didn’t care even in the slightest that I was going to have to do some reading on a topic I didn’t care about.  Turns out I didn’t do much reading…not with this iPhone in my hand.  I really do need to hide that thing from myself. 

Well, 3:30 rolls along and I head to my second class of the day.  I get into the class room and the atmosphere is good.  Not really sure what that even means, but I end up sitting next to a girl that is in some of my other classes and she’s legit.  I’m sitting with my group, everyone is chill.  Then some girl who didn’t make it to the first day of classes sits by us.  She doesn’t have a group so we (or other people in my group) say she can be in our group despite the 6 person limit. 

So now there are 7 people in our group and  the teacher thinks about the groups awhile and decides that the class needs to form a 5th group because she doesn’t want teams of more then 6.  The girl who is pretty much the go-getter/glue to our group what with all the emails and ideas she brings is running late to class.  Now the teacher tells that we should think about who out of our group members will join the newly formed 5th group and tell her at the end of the class period. My obvious thoughts are that this new girl should volunteer herself.  She doesn’t and I, for whatever reason (weenie), don’t say anything. 

At some point, the go-getter comes in and just as quickly as she sits she is put into the 5th newly formed group. WTF?!? Right? She was going to be so helpful to our group then she is traded to a new one.  I am so mad at myself for not telling the “new” girl to join the other group.  We already formed our group and we already decided on our project.  So now I feel bad that this go-getter has to start all over and now I’m left with 2 legit group members, 2 iffy ones, and 1 who shouldn’t even be in our group.

Well, this has messed the rest of my day up.  I’ve been going it over in my head over and over and I know I should have said something to the girl.  BUT she should have had the courtesy to not make us tell her that she needed to leave OUR group. Right? Whatever now I’m in such a bad mood though.  I was so happy this morning, the happiest I’ve been in awhile and she ruined it.

What a day.  Emotions are crazy.  On minute I’m happy and then I’m sad/mad/agitated.  One little thing changed my attitude towards my day completely.  I don’t know if I’m being over dramatic, but for some reason this little thing got to me.

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